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Will NCTQ Ratings Have Any Influence Now or In The Future?


It’s barely a month since NCTQ (National Council on Teacher Quality) released its first inaugural ratings meant for teacher-preparation programs in the country. But before the dust is settled, NCTQ is already thinking about next year’s model by envisioning an annual-roll out exercise through its partnership with the US News & the World report. Many are speaking about the problems that were experienced in the first edition. Some of the…

Details Revealed of The Troubles With NCTQ Ratings

The NCTQ has released its inaugural national ratings for various teacher-preparation programs. The national ratings affected 1,200 programs across the country, but ignored other routes that lead to teacher certification like Teach For America. The exercise saw only four institutions of higher learning receive four stars, which is the highest rating for NCTQ. These institutions are Lipscomb, Ohio State, Furman and Vanderlit Universities. It has also emerged that one hundred…

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